Thursday, October 28, 2010

SUD Sound 1992

Another cassette from the dusty box. This one is a bit of a mystery. I assume its from Sudan but I could be wrong. The Arabic writing doesnt give many clues. If anybody has an inkling of where this comes from I'd love to know.

Sud Sound - Side One


Jim Pennington said...

According to an off-the-cuff 'free' translation done by the Morrocan and the Algerian busboys in The Cafe Sport on the Seven Sisters Road, N7 this is from Morroco and the picture is probably Agadir beach. The group are called Ouled d'Jouaney. The track listing they started doing was hapered by their english but track 2 of the side with just 2 tracks is Wedding Music. Track 3 seemed to amuse them as being something to do with Camel's speaking.
Nice find. Keep 'em coming. At least it plays well. I bought a bunch of Om Kholsoum in Cairo... I should have known the photocopied characteristics of the inlays reflected the quality of the sound.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the detective work Jim - much appreciated!