Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hot Thumbs O'Riley

A strange record I found down Brick Lane many years ago. It was the brainchild of Jim Pembroke who moved to Finland with his Finnish girlfriend in 1965 and joined various rock bands the most notable being Wigwam who play on this album. Released on Charisma in 1972 I remember it being played quite lot on the John Peel radio show "Top Gear" around that time. Jim made two more solo albums, none of which I've ever heard but they sound great just by the titles alone. The one from 1977 is called "Corporal Cauliflower's Mental Function"!

Find out more about Wigwam and Jim Pembroke HERE.

Hot Thumbs O'Riley - Warm Rumours

Hot Thumbs O'Riley - Currently Cheesing

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Cocaine Jesus said...

Charisma. Now there was a leftfield sort of label. Bronze. Island. Chrysallis were some more.

PS. Keep an eye on your post box/letterbox. As soon as I stop working 24/7 (hopefully this weekend) I will send you approx THREE (yes 3) CD's. Value for money or what?
You do like the Black and White minstrels don't you?
(only kidding)

michael said...

I must have a few more records on the Charisma label but the only one that comes to mind is Genesis with peter gabriel "Foxtrot"? with a great song about being a lawnmower?

Cocaine Jesus said...

there was also Van Der Graaf Generator with "H to He who am the Only One". Haven't played that for twenty years or more.

michael said...

Never a big Van Der Graf fan, but then I never did listen to much of their music- only what Peely played on his shows. When punk came along it was quite relief to get away from all that long winded noodling pretentious stuff- the guitar and drum solos that went on for hours etc. Then ofcourse the punk thing got a bit predictable too and you were sick of the three chord wonders and looked elsewhere for musical sustinance- reggae and world music etc.

Cocaine Jesus said...

we share virtually the same musical mind set. that prog period, circa 69 to 74 became very predictable didn't it? with songs lasting for album lengths rather than the glorious three minute classic's. punk was OK, briefly, but it was what followed that i really enjoyed. Elvis Costello.Ian Dury. Blondie. The Jam. Talking Heads, Madness etc