Monday, September 19, 2005

Jake Thackray

"Jake Thackray was a singer-songwriter in the French tradition, a "chansonnier" whose songs are nevertheless convincingly and idiosyncratically English. This is scarcely surprising. After graduating from Durham University, Jake spent four years in France as a teacher where the likes of Jaques Brel and his particular hero Georges Brassens made their indelible mark. The influence of their songs and story telling propelled Jake towards his own writing and singing style. But despite this Gallic background his songs are no mere copies; they are firmly and recognisably rooted in the English countryside, character and language. They are also painfully funny, sad, tragic, rude, irreverent, incisive and happy, and often enough all these things at the same time. In short, they are unique.

By the mid-sixties Jake was back in his native Yorkshire teaching at a school near Leeds where he found a way to get unruly pupils to take an interest was through his songs. This and performing in folk clubs led to appearances on local BBC programmes followed by national TV with regular slots on The Frost Report, The Braden Beat and That's Life. In nearly thirty years of performing he made over 1,000 radio and TV appearances ranging from a topical song in magazine programmes to broadcasts of live concerts on both radio and television. His EMI catalogue produced seven albums between 1967 and 1991."

So says Jake's memorial website which you can find HERE.

Jake Thackray - Bantam Cock

Jake Thackray - The Jumble Sale

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radioactivefly said...

wow, this is awesome! i love your fascination for the waaay off the mainstream. keep up the great work, i'll definitely keep coming back here.

michael said...

Thanks radioactivefly. Glad you found something here you liked. I guess I'm just making a blog that I would like to find myself but havent found one yet that has a fascination for old novelty songs like the ones posted here- so I guess the job is mine!

Cocaine Jesus said...

Jake Thakery? For once I only have a vague recollection of this chap. Liked Jaques Brel though. (The little I have heard of him).

michael said...

I remember him mostly for being on "That's Life" with that awful woman, Cyril Fletcher and stories about rude shaped carrots and parsnips!

Big Al said...

Jake was wonderful, I remember him on "That's life" and some concerts with him on that BBC2 used to show when I were a lad, also I think he was on the Innes book of records.

Klim Levene said...

Hi Michael, good to see that Jake Thackray is still remembered.
I've created a page for him where you can listen to some of his songs: