Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Leslie Holmes

"Leslie Holmes showed signs of being musical as soon as he could toddle, and as a boy he could play on the piano a tune he heard whistled in the street. After the first world war, he joined Henry Hall's band and broadcast with them in 1925. He later became a composer."

Very little is known about Leslie Holmes but he did join up with Leslie Sarony (someone who will feature here later I'm sure) to form The Two Leslies who had a few hits back in the thirties.
These two tracks though are from 78's transcribed to Cd by a friend of mine. They are over 70 years old so please forgive sound quality.
Leslie Holmes is the one with the glasses.

Leslie Holmes - I've Gone And Lost My Little Yo-Yo

Leslie Holmes - Lollipop Major

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Zezé said...

u are my link ;)

michael said...

thanks zeze.

Cocaine Jesus said...

the thing that i like about this post is the photo. the way they have touched it up with soft reds to make the lips more pink and the faces that look almost like alabaster. strange indeed.

michael said...

I think its an old cigarette card of the day. I have a set thats very similar with people who appeared on In Town Tonight.