Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tor Line

This strange promotional single for the Swedish cruise company Tor Line was found back in the 80's. Probably from Brick Lane again. One could almost imagine Yogi Yorgesson having a go at this! What is even stranger is the inclusion of an anonymous funky ska track in the middle of side two! Now I have my suspicions of who this might be but I wonder if anyone else can hazard a guess?

Tor Line - Tor Anglia Waltz

Tor Line - Welcome Aboard

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Cocaine Jesus said...

either the blockheadds or that other stiff records mob, madness?

michael said...

A bit earlier than that i think.

Cocaine Jesus said...

the maytels (along with toots of course?)

michael said...

This was a little known ska/blues singer who moved to europe in the 60's. I'm desperately trying to think of his name. He was a guest on the Charlie Gillett radio show in the 80's which I recorded so will have to track down the tape which will be no easy task as i have over 2,000 (at least) in boxes all round the house!

michael said...
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michael said...

Ah, found it. I am pretty sure it was Errol Dixon now living in Switzerland it seems. It sounds like him anyway and heres a bit about him from a Swiss website freely translated by Babelfish -

"Its career already started Errol Dixon in the 60's-years with its first record and that number 1-Hit "Midnight Train." Mr. Boogie Woogie plays a slow Blues of full melancholy, poetically and nevertheless strong. In its music many influences are clearly noticeable: Gospel, Swing, Soul, skirt, in order to call only some. The variety of the traditions coined/shaped Dixon's own style. It played also together with sizes such as Muddy Waters, Arthur Big Boy Crudup or B.B. King. Errol Dixon's explosive performance and its improvisation talent let the appearances become an experience. Apart from well-known Cover versions Errol Dixon presents innumerable self-compositions from the ranges Boogie Woogie, Blues and mirror-image ritual. It enthusiastically since decades Swiss Boogie Woogie scene, is this at well-known jazz festivals, in small clubs or renowned concert halls. With its weld-rubbing, fast Boogie Woogie play and the popular "rhythm ramming foot", in addition, he already fascinates and transforms its fine Balladen after the first minutes each hall into a witch boiler."

Not sure what "weld-rubbing" is- it sounds absolutely filthy!

Cocaine Jesus said...

Nope, never heard of him with the only famous Errol, in musical terms that I know of being he who was in Hot Chocolate.

An amazing amount of info though. As for 'weld rubbing', is that srictly legal?