Saturday, September 10, 2005

Asha Bhosle

No excuses for yet another Asha Bhosle track this time from the Bollywood film Haseennon Ka Devta. Not sure of the date but I would think mid to late 70's. Another EP from Brick Lane when I lived nearby in Stepney in the 80's. Full of screeching violins and odd tempo changes. Music direction by Laxmikant Pyarelal and lyrics by Anand Baksi, whoever they might be.

Asha Bhosle - Jis Ke Liye Mera Dil

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Russell CJ Duffy said...

i would ask the obvious question 'what possessed you' but since i am the individual who bounght a hare krshna album from a couple of chaps in oxford street, i won't bother. unusual though.

Wastedpapiers said...

Its obviously not the sort oif thin g to play everyday and would probably get rid of unwanted guests quite easily! I guess I'm attracted to the exotic oddness of it and her voice really sends shivers down my spine. Shivers of delight or fear? Its a fine line!

splogman said...

It would certainly not get rid of me though. I would shout for more!