Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd
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"Kenneth Arthur Dodd was born on 8th November 1927 in Knotty Ash, Liverpool.

Ken Dodd got his big break appearing at Nottingham Playhouse in 1954, going on to top the bill at Blackpool in 1958 from where his show was broadcast live the following year.

His career as a comedian really took off with the advent of television but his act still owed a lot to the traditional "stand-up", prevalent in the old Variety Theatre.

Not only a legendary comedian however, his musical career has been sensational, particularly in the 1960's when his singles, such as 'Happiness', 'Promises' and 'The River' topped the Charts and in 1965, 'Tears' sold over two million copies, earned Ken two gold discs and went straight into the Charts at no.1. 'Tears' is still one of the biggest-selling singles of all time!

Ken has not been short of Radio and Television appearances either. 'Doddy's Music Box', 'The Ken Dodd Show', 'Ken Dodd's World of Laughter' and of course, 'Ken Dodd and the Diddymen' as well as the highly acclaimed 'Audience With' shows have all got high ratings.

Ken is also an accomplished actor. He has starred in both 'Twelfth Night' and the 1996 movie epic 'Hamlet', as well as famously starring in 'Dr. Who and the Bannermen'.

He was awarded an OBEin 1982 and in 1991 was given the British Comedy Awards' highest accolade for his lifetime contribution to humour, a 'Lifetime Achievement Award'."

Ken Dodd - The Nikky Nakky Noo Song

Ken Dodd - Doddy's Diddy Party

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Cocaine Jesus said...

excellent site. very british. some amazing characters here and that (characters) is the one thing that the world seems to be sadly lacking at the mo. i popped into Archies Comic site. another of my passions is comics. shame he doesn't do it any more. i am currently doing a UK Comics thing on me utility fish shed site. you must be a big fan of people like viv stanshall and ian dury and ray davies???

michael said...

Thanks for your positive comment C.J. Much appreciated. I see a bit of a void here with the other music blogs so hopefully i can fill it.
Archie still not into blogging really despite my efforts to encourage him.
I am a big fan of all the folk you mention. English eccentrics of all kinds interest me. I dont hear much humour in the pop songs of today- it's all a bit grim isnt it? Or am I missing something?

Cocaine Jesus said...

No, you are not missing something. Too little vaudeville in music. Bring back the Bonzo's. Ian Dury's son, Baxter, has produced two albums, neither of which is anything like his fathers work so that, for me, is good on one hand but, just like you, I'd love to see some real eccentric Brit Pop.