Monday, October 23, 2006

James Young

I found little on the internet about James Young so have gone to the sleeve notes of this Emerald Gem LP from 1970, found recently in a charity shop.

" This Lp "The Ballymena Cowboy" is a follow up to "Behind The Barricades". It is true to say that no other artiste, including The Beatles, has sold as many records in Northern Ireland. We feel sure when you listen to this LP you will know why, and we hope we will be favoured with many more LP's as this from James, in the years ahead."

I'm not sure if he made any more but very surprised he out sold the fab four in Northern Ireland!

James Young - The Ballymena Cowboy

James Young - A Hairy Tale

James Young - There's A Lounge Bar In The Town

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1 comment:

Cocaine Jesus said...

did he out sell the fabs by one or two records?
he looks (to me) surprisingly like a distant relative of ray winstone.
surely not?