Friday, October 13, 2006

George Darko

A 12" single on the Rokel label from 1983 found at Brick Lane some years ago.

"The undisputed master of nouveau highlife a.k.a highlife fusion opened the flood gates to West Africa’s new popular rhythm with the recording of friends with the hit track Akoo Te Brofo in 1982. The rhythm was pulsating, the melody infectious and the lyrical content pleasantly instructive.

Everything about George Darko’s new found music was outstanding. The voice, the instrumentation, the arrangement, the overall technical production, and yes! the most outstanding of all was the man’s mastery of his instrument- the guitar. Acoustic or electric, the guitar was and is simply an extension of the man.

Now Tufuhene of Akropong traditional area George was born in 1951 to the paramount chief of Akropong. Growing up in the Palace exposed him to the traditional drumming and dancing of the people of Akuapem. Here he also studied the customs of his people whilst attending elementary school.

At the Okuapeman Secondary School where he continued his education, George discovered the guitar through Dobson his Canadian biology teacher- who played a self made acoustic guitar during leisure times."

Discover more about George Darko HERE.

George Darko - Akoo Te Brofo

George Darko - Medo Menanm

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