Saturday, November 19, 2005

Show 'n Tell

Something slightly different this time. I suppose the ingenius cover art caught my eye first and finding a 7" record inside that plays at 33 also made me curious. It also has a clever plastic book mark type gadget that has a selection of tiny tranparent slides on a slit down the middle - this fits into the TV/record player combi you see on the cover. Really the elephants you see there are a cheat as the image you would get would be very blurred and more like a Give-A- Show projector that my sister used to have, which beamed feeble cartoons on the bedroom wall with the aid of a 6 volt battery. Nevertheless, the idea is great and the tinkling piano on the soundtrack is very engaging. I imagine Bill Bailey would see this in a different light though! Made by the General Electric Co. 1964.

Show 'n Tell - The Elephant An His Nose

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spice-the-cat said...

This one was just a little too difficult to dance to - but we tried, anyway.

michael said...

Its nice to throw something in the mix that's completely at odds with all the rest and gives a flavour of the sort of things in my collection. Some is really just too dull and educational to feature here!

Cocaine Jesus said...

I used to have something like this but the one that I had you could play with a pencil or any similar sharp object. I didn't have the 6 volt battery job but my cousin did. Wouldn't let me play though.

michael said...

There's a whole website devoted to these weird and wonderful record players and gramaphones etc. Some amazing contraptions and some that are just flimsy cardboard with a pin.