Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rupert Clemendore

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Another of those mysterious records from Brick Lane flea market I think that caught my eye. Though the sleeve art is pretty subdued - no palm trees and exotic looking dusky maidens just the words "Patois Jazz" is enough to make me wonder what this might sound like. I must admit the general ambience of the tunes here fall into the cocktail lounge variety. Here is the whole of side two for your listening pleasure..

The sleeve notes by Red Camp say-
"Who else but Rupert would keep the same off-beat two measures going for three and a half minutes under his own vocal? What's more, almost everyone so far likes it; and that's what's so disturbing. Neither of the two vocals is sung. The one with the syncopated perpetual motion is a rather involved story called "Clem's Confusion" relating various adventures with a kind of international harem which descend on innocent him whilst walking down Park Street. Strictly speaking, this is more of a recitation than a song - but not to be confused with the school room type.
What Rupert does with his voice on "Chop Suey Mambo"(sic), the other one, must remain completely unclassified."


Scott Soriano said...

Great stuff. Much better than his songs that appear on Le Jazz Primitiff LP on Cook (which is still worth picking up)

fusionero said...

is there a link for this one?

wastedpapiers said...

I'm afraid someone complained about this being on here for some reason and Blogger made me remove it. I'm baffled why this one should be chosen - a very obscure record that I doubt has ever been re-issued!