Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jimmy Edwards

Another boot sale find from the Summer. Recorded live at the Pied Bull pub in Streatham in London in 1973.

"He was a portly, moustachioed figure who excelled in portraying minor authority figures such as Pa Glum on the hit BBC radio series Take It From Here and the headmaster of a down-at-heel boarding school in Whack-O! He was virtually born to play Shakespeare's burly knight, Sir John Falstaff but, sadly, never did. Now largely forgotten, despite being bigger in his heyday than Sid James, Frankie Howerd and Kenneth Williams combined, there are still a few who remember his talent to amuse.

Throughout his life he had nursed a passion for music, from his early days as a choirboy at St Paul's Cathedral to conducting the Royal Artillery band at the Albert Hall. His love was so intense he even incorporated this musicality into his act, first at Cambridge in the famous Footlights then, after a spell in the RAF, at London's infamous Windmill Theatre.

Whereas contemporaries such as Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers had a fine singing voice or could play the drums, Edwards created a whole act around the trombone. An instrument he had played in the Arimatheans Dance Band when a freshman at King's College, Cambridge, just before the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. This, and other brass instruments, would later be incorporated into a routine that would establish him as a seasoned performer on stage, screen and television, although lasting success on the big screen eluded him."

JImmy Edwards - I've Never Seen A Straight Banana

Jimmy Edwards - Drinking Song

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Cocaine Jesus said...

The man should be remembered for his whiskers alone. I never liked him very much. Always seemed to be out of touch with the young kids of the day.That and the fact that I didn't find him at funny.
He was good in the Glums though. A role that really seemed to suit him.

michael said...

I used to like Whacko! and Billy Bunter too for that matter. Those weird public schools seem to be from another age altogther and not like the secondary modern I was forced to go to.
The Glums were great but Take It From Here was pretty naff. I was listening to one the other day. IT's dated really badly now.

Cocaine Jesus said...

I had forgotten about Billy Bunter. Was Jimmy Edwards in that too? Crikey. Another one was Mister Pastry. I loved that.

michael said...

Edwards wasnt in Billy Bunter as far as I know but just another of those posh public schools that seem to flourish during the 50's and 60's on TV. I suppose it all changed with Grange Hill.

Tony said...

Any chance you can repost? Have wanted this for ages

wastedpapiers said...

If I can find it again I will re-post Tony - no problem. Thanks for dropping by.