Friday, November 11, 2005

Richie Delamore

Not much to be found on the internet about this chap from the Bahamas whose LP I found some time ago at Brick Lane flea market so will quote the sleeve notes written in 1962.
" Many calypsos are so universally popular, and so widely sung, they lose their identity as to their origin, Delamore uniquely styles his songs in the manner of their original home.
The orchestra accompanying Richie is composed of musicians from every part of the Caribbean. Their able handling of Goombay music, native of the Bahamas, and most popular with the dancers, is subtly aided by it's Trinidadian members whose steel drum softness stresses the Goombay beat.
CARIB (the record label) is happy to record this twenty three year old artist who made his first album for RCA Victor at seventeen, and continues to grow in popularity."

Richie Delamore - The Monkey Song

Richie Delamore - Man Smart

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