Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Max Miller

"Max Miller, Britain's top comedian in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, was born in Brighton, on the south coast of England in 1894. He excelled as a stand-up comic playing to large audiences in variety theatres, where his skill was such that he could hold an audience in the palm of his hand. He was master of the double entendre. He was mischievous, brash and quick-witted; he dressed over the top and he certainly lived up to the name the Cheeky Chappie. Even the poorest jokes got a laugh; his timing and delivery were legendary.

Max Miller left school at 12 and, after drifting from job to job, was called up by the army to serve in the First World War. During the war he acquired a taste of entertaining whilst performing to his fellow soldiers and, after the war, he pursued his show-business ambition starting with the occasional gig in pubs and halls. His first break came about when he joined a concert party on the Brighton sea front as a song and dance man. It was good training for the future and, from time to time, he would get the chance to tell a gag or two. The occasional booking in a London theatre followed this. His talent developed and soon he excelled as a solo performer writing his own material and composing his own songs. He rose to fame and, in the 1930s, reached the top of the bill playing all the major variety theatres including the most famous of them all, the London Palladium."

Find out more about Max Miller at this website dedicated to him HERE.

Max Miller - Mary From The Dairy

Max Miller - The Girls I Like

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Cocaine Jesus said...

Evening All!
Now then where was I as I said to my missus the other day when she bent over to tie her shoe lace.

Now then did I tell you about the other day when I was climbing round this narrow cliff path and coming the other way was this beautiful gal with blonde hair and a gorgeous figure. I didn't know if I should block her passage or toss myself off!!!

michael said...

He wasnt the most subtle of comedians was he. It all sounds very tame now by todays standards but back in the 40's he was considered very rude and shocking. He even had a red book (clean jokes) and a blue book (rude jokes). A bronze stature has just been unveiled in ~Brighton (where he used to live) of Max in his flowery suit and knicker-bockers.