Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Granpa Jones

"Grandpa Jones (October 20, 1913 - February 19, 1998) .
Born Louis Marshall Jones in Niagra, Kentucky, he spent his teenage years in Akron, Ohio where he began singing old time country music tunes on a local radio show. By 1935 his pursuit of a musical career took him to WBZ (AM) radio in Boston, Massachusetts where he met musician/songwriter, Bradley Kincaid who gave him the nickname "Grandpa" due to his off-stage grumpiness at early-morning radio shows. Jones liked the name and decided to create a stage persona based around it.
Performing as "Granpa Jones," he played the banjo, yodeled, and sang mostly old-time ballads. Some of his more famous songs include, "T is for Texas" and "Mountain Dew." Moving to Nashville, Tennessee, he became part of the Grand Ole Opry and was a regular cast member on the popular TV show, Hee Haw."

You can find out more about Granpa Jones by going HERE.

Granma Jones - New Vitamin

Granpa Jones - Baldheaded End Of The Broom

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Syl said...

Too funny, Baldheaded end of the broom! Good find....ah and see more goodies on the way :-D!

michael said...

Thnaks Syl! It made me chuckle too!