Friday, November 25, 2005

Benny Hill

"Born Alfred Hawthorn Hill (January 21, 1924/1925 - April 20, 1992), in Southampton, Benny Hill was a prolific comic British actor. In fact, he was one of the most universally recognized British comedians. He worked compulsively and had only a few friends, although colleagues who knew him closely insist that he was never lonely, but was content with his own company. He never married, although he did propose to two women, one the daughter of a British writer, and was rejected by both. He never owned his own home, nor even a car, instead preferring to rent a small flat in Teddington, a convenient walking distance to the Teddington Studios where he taped the one-off one-hour episodes of his television programme, The Benny Hill Show."

Found at a boot sale last year this budget "Music For Pleasure" 1971 release contains Hill's big U.K. hit "Ernie" and other comic songs as featured on his TV show. Words and music by Benny Hill. Arranged and conducted by Harry Robinson.

Find out more about Benny Hill HERE

Benny Hill - Broken-Hearted Lovers Stew

Benny Hill - Ting-A-Ling-A-Loo

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Cocaine Jesus said...

Michael I'd be happy if it came up to my chest!

michael said...

That tickled old Hernie!

spice-the-cat said...

I always felt Benny Hill was treated very unfairly by the British media - he was original, clever and funny and I always thought of him as a pleasant and unassuming man - then the PC brigade stuck their knives in and virtually ruined his career.

In the US you can see re-runs of his old shows on virtually a weekly basis - so I guess in the end he had the last laugh.

michael said...

I think you are right spice. The British media love to treat everyone unfairly- just look at George Best - once he was the stupid idiot who was drinking himself into an early grave despite having a liver transplant and now he's a national hero! For a while at least until they decide the time is right to drag up some sleazy story about his past and drag him back down again.

Big Al said...

I agree, he never chased the scantily clad women, they chased him.

I think his humour had it's day though, but he did well, I mean you can't get away with double entendre when society changed the way it has...I can't explain what I mean, can we all go to the pub to talk about this.

Stick your finger in your ear!

michael said...

I know what you mean Al. It all seems very innocent and quaint now by today's standards.

Nathan said...

anychance of a re upload of the links?, they are dead