Monday, November 14, 2005

Martin Winsor & Redd Sullivan

I found this in a charity shop last year. It comprises mostly of traditional folk songs but also two "novelty" songs included from the days of music hall.
Redd Sullivan and Martin Winsor started the Troubadour folk club in London in the 50's and many of the great names of folk played there. People like Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Shirley Collins, Martin Carthy etc.
Martin Winsor was born in Liverpool but moved to London where he became an authority on London folk-lore and dialect. He sang all kinds of songs from vaudeville , Irish folk songs, Scottish folk songs, sea shanties, pop songs and monologues. In fact anything that took his fancy became part of his extensive repertoire.
Redd Sullivan started singing in folk clubs in 1953 and well known on radio and television in the 60's when he appeared on Easy Beat, Roundabout, Country Meets Folk and Folk On Friday.
Also accompanying on this record are jeannie Steel, Alastair McDonald and Ian Campbell.

Winsor & Sullivan - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate

Winsor & Sullivan - Beans, Bacon and Gravy

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Cocaine Jesus said...

Folk on Friday. You have ignited a dimly lit memory. Lots of men and women in wooly jumpers singing with beautiful voices and accompanied by banjo's and guitars but not as cool as Ready Steady Go! Or was I, even at the young age, attracted to Kathy McGowan?

As I say it is only a dim and distant recollection but one I am sure i recall. Black and White though and not the sepia tones of my memory.

michael said...

No, Ready Steady Go! was the show for me too theough not whenthe Dave Clark Five were on - which seemed like every other week!

spice-the-cat said...

RSG - Thank God I had an older sister who used to make me watch it.

As for the folkies - They can't have been quite as bad as Robin Hall & Jimmy McGregor - Coming from a Scottish family I still have the mental scars from being forced to sit thro' the dreadful Hogmanay shows on New Year's Eve.

michael said...

I thought all scottish singers sounded like Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor until I saw Ivor Cutler! Those Hogmanay shows were awful weren't they. I remember them too from my childhood.

michael said...

I would have left a comment on your excellent blog spice-the-cat but it says i have to join something to get a password so writing it here instead. Interested to see your views on illegal downloading. Do you downlaod any of the tracks here? They are ofcourse for "educational" purposes only and most of the people are long gone. These tracks would never be heard otherwise. I used to tape the top twenty when i was a teenager on a big reel to reel recorder and that only fuelled my love of music and I still bought singles and albums. Back then they were relatively cheap. Its the greedy record companies that have shot themselves in the foot. I feel sorry for people like Jully Black but think of all the publicity she must be getting!

Cocaine Jesus said...

I too tried spice the cats site but was 'bounced' away. mind you bouncing a reprobate like me is quite understandable!

Howlin' Hobbit said...

Michael -- on the recording of Shimmy Like My Sister Kate they take a break where one of them is doing the kazoo thang and the other is sounding a hell of a lot like a little, muted trumpet.

Is that "muted trumpet" sound from playing a funnel or maybe tea kettle?

I've read about these activities but never, to my knowledge, heard them.

If I've guessed right, how does one do that? Just hum into them like you would a kazoo?

What's a good size funnel to get if you want to try this out?

I just really love that sound and want to add that to my solo uke efforts.


michael said...

Thanks for the enquiry Howlin but i have no idea what type of kazoo they are playing! Maybe its just a kazoo very close to the microphone? Or with added loo roll sellotaped to the end?