Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ivan Chin & His Calypso Band

A nice suprise on this cheapo Saga LP I found this morning in Help The Aged shop - not the generic calypso I expected but a nice mixture of mento, ska and exotica complete with steel drums and honking saxaphones! Some old favourites here including Yellow Bird and Brown Skin Gal but some oddities including Carnival from the film Black Orpheus and a song called Archie.

The sleeve notes say - "In the West Indies, the CALYPSO in THE Scene, the singers having such fabulous names as Lord Kitchener, Lord Melody, Lord Bryner, Mighty Sparrow and many others. It is encouraging that the West Indians in the UK remain loyal to the music of their homeland and not surprising that the last concert in London featuring The Mighty Sparrow was a sell out."

Readmore about Ivan Chin HERE

Tracks include-

1. Beautiful Barbados
2. Big Bamboo
3. Carnival
4. Archie
5. Matilda Matilda
6. Kingston Market

Ivan Chin - Side Two


Moon Boots said...

thanks so much

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the comment Moon Boots - always good to get feedback.