Monday, April 26, 2010

Rao Kyao

Jazzy flute player from Portugal I found at a car boot yesterday. Released on the Parlophone label back in 1977.

Wikipedia via Babelfish says-

"He was pupil of the Military College, in Lisbon. Estreou it the living creature as interpreter of saxofone tenor to the 19 years of age, having been in this phase inspired for the Jazz. It stops beyond touching in numerous clubs lisboetas, also touched in the foreigner, countries as Denmark, Spain, France and the Netherlands. It was fixed in France. In the end of the decade of 1970 it left for India, trying to redescobrir the lost link between Portuguese music and the music of the east. During this period, it studied Indiana music and flute bansuri. Of this experience, they had resulted the Goa album (1979), and new noises in its work. In 1983, it launched the album bailado Destiny, that it would come to be the first Portuguese album to arrive the platinum record. In this work, it interpreted to saxofone diverse workmanships of Amália Rodrigues, with the contribution of the master of the Portuguese guitar António Chainho. In the following year, it launched the album Road of the light, that would come to become it famous the national level for its interpretations with bamboo flute. In the year of 1996, the album to the Alive living creature returned to the destiny, recording the destiny. In 1999, it composed the official hymn of the cerimónia of the transference of sovereignty of Macau, having in this recorded scope the album Junction, with the Chinese orchestra of Macau. The Macau subject would come to return to its workmanship in 2008, in the album Interior, recorded Port in partnership with the Chinese interpreter Yanan."

Rao Kyao - Minha Em Mi

Rao Kyao - Cor De Bambu

Rao Kyao - Alto De Loba

Rao Kyao - Calipso Quarta-Feira

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