Saturday, April 24, 2010

Karl Denver

A charity shop find I think from a couple of years ago. I dont know why it's taken me this long to add Karl Denver to this blog. He had an extraordinary voice which seemed to span several octaves.

Wikipedia says -

"Denver was born in Springburn, Glasgow and was well travelled by the time he took up singing, having had a previous career in the British Merchant Navy. He also had a country music influence, having lived in Nashville, Tennessee for a short time before being deported from there as an illegal immigrant in 1959. In the US, he adopted the new name that he retained for the remainder of his singing career.
In the early 1960s he formed a trio which included Kevin Neil (b 25 July 1931, Manchester, Lancashire, d. 13 March 2010) and Gerry Cottrell (b. Gerard Cottrell, 18 December 1933, Manchester, Lancashire — d. 24 November 2006, at Trafford General Hospital, Urmston, Manchester)
Denver's song, "Never Goodbye", was an entry in A Song for Europe in 1962.
After the mid 1960s, Denver worked mainly on the cabaret circuit. However in 1989 he enjoyed a brief raise in profile after guesting on Madchester band, the Happy Mondays' single, "Lazyitis (One-Armed Boxer)", on Factory Records (FAC 222). Denver also appeared in The Happy Mondays' video for the song, although he contracted pneumonia whilst filming the video. Following this collaboration Factory released two further Denver recordings, "Wimoweh '89" (FAC 228) and "Indambinigi" (FAC 278; credited to Karl Denver and Steve Lima).
In 1993 he released his final album, Just Loving You, aimed at the country music market. By then, Denver missed almost as many notes as he hit. He was a frail man whose condition was not improved through heavy drinking. The final song he recorded was Burt Bacharach's "The Story of My Life"."

Karl Denver - Canoe Song

Karl Denver - She Moved Thro' The Fair

Karl Denver - ThreeLovely Lasses From Bannion

Karl Denver - Silver And Gold

Karl Denver - O'Brian The Brave Engineer

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