Thursday, April 08, 2010

Daniel Farson presents..... (re-up)

I love this Philips International label LP recorded in 1961 at the Metropolitan Theatre , Edgeware Road in London which features a few of the very last stars of the music-hall. Sadly the Metropolitan Theatre met the fate of so many old music halls and a hotel was built where it used to stand. Daniel Farson, who used to have his own programme on TV in the 60's and also owned a pub in the East End, takes us on a short history of the genre with the help of Hetty King, Albert Whelan, Ida Barr, G.H. Elliot, Billy Danvers and Marie Lloyd Jnr.
As the sleeve notes say- " ... we are lucky that this valuable and poignant record exists to show us what music hall was all about."

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Daniel Farson - Side One

Daniel Farson - Side Two

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