Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Charlie Gillett - Last Honky Tonk 1978

Acually not sure if this is the very last Honky Tonk or bits of the penultimate show and half of the final show as they are on two tapes - one a C60 and the other , one side of a C90. Anyway, I'm sure fans of Charlie will find these fascinating as I do as he plays some of the highlights of the past shows with sessions from Chas & Dave, Darts etc. and demos from Elvis Costello and Charlie Dore etc.

Charlie Gillett - Last Honky Tonk Pt. 1

Charlie Gillett - Last Honky Tonk Pt.2

Charlie Gillett - Last Honky Tonk Pt. 3


wastedpapiers said...

Having listened to it again just now I can see the that the second part is nothing to do with the last Honky Tonk show and maybe not even the penultimate show with Stu Colman , so dont know who the guest is who I very unkindly snipped off in mid flow. Rather bad editing all round so many apologies for that. I will include it anyway as Charlie plays a few good records as always.

Stuart said...

I tried to download some of the Charlie Gillett shows but the files are no available. is there anywhere I could find them. Thanks.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the feedback Stuart. I'm sorry these have been deleted. I will try and upload again soon.