Thursday, April 15, 2010

Albert Lee

My old mate Jim in Basingstoke sent this tape to me recently of a concert he attended back in 1998 at the Woolwich Tramshed in London. It's Albert Lee and his band - the first headliner gig in the UK apparently. Up until then Albert played on many sessions and in bands such as Heads Hands and Feet and The Thunderbirds.

Wikipedia says-

He grew up in Blackheath, London. His father was a musician, and Albert studied piano. During this time, like many of his age, he became a fan of Buddy Holly, and also of Jerry Lee Lewis. He took up guitar in 1958 when his parents bought him a second-hand Höfner President which he later traded in for a Czechoslovakian Grazioso, the forerunner of the Futurama. Later, he wished he had bought a Fender instead. Albert Lee left school at the age of 16, to play full-time.

Lee was with a variety of bands from 1959 onwards, playing mostly R&B, country music and rock and roll. In addition to Buddy Holly, his early guitar influences included Cliff Gallup, The Everly Brothers, Scotty Moore, James Burton and Jerry Reed. Lee first experienced commercial success as the lead guitarist with Chris Farlowe and The Thunderbirds. Lee says that he enjoyed playing the Stax-type material, but he really wanted to play country music. Consequently he left Farlowe and the Thunderbirds in 1968.
During his time playing with Heads Hands & Feet, Lee became a "guitar hero", playing his Fender Telecaster at breakneck speed.[ Heads Hands & Feet became a very popular live band in the UK, making appearances on The Old Grey Whistle Test and also in Europe, where they appeared on the German music programme Beat-Club and later performed with German bassist Georg Grimm who discovered Nasville Singer-Songwriter Sylkie Monoff."

Discover more about Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes HERE.

Albert Lee - Woolwich Tramshed 1998


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !
He`s still a great guitarist and performer, no poser, thankfully smiling when the audience show him that they love him.
I saw him in Hamburg this year: Great !

Btw, would it be possible to re- up Spike Jones` Fun In Hifi- ep ?
I`d love to listen to it.


wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for your comment Joey. Glad you enjoyed it. Will try and upload the Spike Jones if i can find it.

Jimmy Prrevost said...

I'm a sixty-something year old Canadian producer/promoter of live theatre. Our shows are all fairly big productions and almost all musical tribute shows.
I only mention this to underline my exposure to many very talented musicians.
About a month ago I was perusing Utube when I came across "The Refreshments" with Albert Lee, Johan Blohm and a hoast of other amazing musicians, and I was blown away. Since then I have seen just about everything on Utube related to Albert Lee and the Refreshments. I can't get enough of their music.
"It seems that everyone has done
Sweet Little Lisa", but no one has even come close to Albert's version. He is without a doubt one of the best single musicians I have ever seen. and their version of "Let it rock" had me on the verge of tears.
As soon as I can get away for a week or more, I plan on going to England to catch one of Albert Lee's preformances. I have to meet this man before I die...It's on my bucket list.
Wow what a band...amazing!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to re-up Albert Lee concert?


Wastedpapiers said...

Will try and find the Albert Lee tape but might take me a while - nothing in any order!

1runrig said...

Just found this info and would love to hear the Tramshed tape as it was me who set up the gig for Albert at the venue.

1runrig said...

I'd love to hear Albert at the Tram shed as it was me who set the gig up for him!

Wastedpapiers said...

If I find It I'll let you know 1runrig but I have hundreds of tapes and all buried in the shed and cupboards etc.