Friday, January 15, 2010

Raymond Harper

Some old ska singles now that I have put up from time to time. I've always had a soft spot for this kind of thing. I have a huge box full of Blue Beat and Ska beat singles from the 60's and will try and feature a few from time to time.

Cant find anything much about Raymond Harper or the Vibrators. He seems to have been a trumpet player who played on many sessions. Any info. greatly appreciated.

Raymond Harper & Carib Beats - Amour

The Vibrators - Sloop John B


Russell CJ Duffy said...

Brother of tha other famed ska player Roy!!

Unknown said...

The Vibrators' 'Sloop John B' is a little gem. Thank you.

Your blog is always interesting and I enjoy its wide scope and your narratives - and every now and then you hit my sweet spot with some early Jamaican or African pearls.

What else can I say to encourage you to delve into that huge box of yours more frequently?

Mick from Australia

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks CJ and Michael - much obliged. Ive often thought that Roy Harper would be a good blog choice but he gets a pretty good airing elsewhere. One of my 60's favourites was his album Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith. What a beautiful rambling mess!

Yes, I must get some more stuff from the bottom of that box. Thanks for the encouragement.

Sonnycole said...

Raymond Harper was a great friend of mine. He lived in abject obscurity, because he became very dis-illusioned with the music industry, and lived in a leaning shack on the family property until his passing...I can still remember waking up in the morning listening to him playing his trumpet (Old, worn, heald together by wire and spit...LOL!..but he was so gifted) I lay in my bed on the other side of the Grantspen Gully.

Anonymous said...

wastedpapiers says- Thanks Sonny for your fascinating insight into a much neglected artist. Much appreciated!