Friday, January 12, 2007

Marie Lloyd Jnr.

Another track from the Lp "The World Of Music Hall" on Decca, 1970. Originally recorded in 1933.

Hardly any info. about Marie Lloyd Jnr. but tons about her Mum. In this CD ( Treading The Boards - Conifer 1989 )I have there is another ML Jnr. track which I will upload and the sleeve notes say-

"Marie Lloyd Junior (1888 - 1967), here singing a song recorded by her mother back in 1904, was the only child of the famous Marie Lloyd, generally acknowledged to have been the greatest of all the female music hall performers. She made her debut in South Africa in 1896 billed as "Little Maudie Courtney" and impersonated her mother with whom she was touring. After marie lloyd's death in 1922, she appeared on the halls singing Marie Senior's songs and joined the" Lloyd Family", an act which already comprised of her mother's sisters Alice, Daisy and Rosie. During the 60's she toured with Don Ross's long running "Thanks For The Memory " show. Her death , on Boxing day 1967, surprisingly went unreported in the national press."

Marie Lloyd Jnr. - The Coster's Wedding

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