Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Georgia Gibbs 1919 - 2006

Nice to find this one in the same charity shop with it's original sleeve on the Mercury label.

"Gibbs was born Frieda Lipschitz[1] in Worcester, Massachusetts, the youngest of four children of Russian Jewish immigrant parents.[2] Her father died when she was six months old, and she spent her first seven years in an orphanage in Worcester, separated from her other siblings.
She revealed a natural talent for singing at a very young age, and was given the lead in the orphanage's yearly variety show. She was reunited with her mother (who had visited her once every other month) when the latter found employment as a midwife. However, her job often forced her to leave her daughter alone for weeks at a time with only a Philco radio for company."

Wikipedia entry on Georgia Gibbs HERE.

Georgia Gibbs - Tweedle Dee

Georgia Gibbs - You're Wrong, All Wrong

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, just discovered your music blog. Am sorry to say I hadn't heard of Georgia Gibbs but loved "Tweedle Dee". I may have to borrow your idea and add some "shellac" to my blog. I really like that you can listen to the tunes!

michael said...

Thanks for dropping by fifi. Glad you enjoyed Tweedle Dee. The original was sung by LaVerne Baker I think and superior but this is a nice enough version.

Yes, please do upload some shellac. I , for one, would be most interested in your finds. Very few bloggers uploading old 78's which is a shame.

Anonymous said...

My brother nabbed most of mine so I only have a few, but I'll get them up one of these days. By the way, the concensus so far seems to favor the Alistair Sim version of ACC. Guess I'll need to watch it next year instead of George C. Scott. I really do like David Warner as Bob Cratchit.

michael said...

I expect some will be confused by your mention of Alistair Sim and George C. Scott ! IT's a reference to the film A Christmas Carol which fifi menions over at her blog, and I left a comment.

The only 3 blogs I know which upload tracks from 78's are Shellac Shanty ( which seems to have stopped ) and Records You Won't Hear Anywhere Else and The Kiddies Records over at Basic Hip. All in the links at the side here.