Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Geraldo & His Orchestra

Another of the 78's I bought recently from Help The Aged. This is a pretty limp version of a great song, especially in the hands of someone like Louis Jordan. Geraldo and Denny Vaughn have sucked all the life out of it. The "B" side is even more of a dirge! I apologise in advance for this assault on your ears.

I tried to find some biographical details about Gerlado and His Band but very little on the internet. If you have more luck let me know.

Thanks to Ozzy for this LINK>

Geraldo & His Orchestra - Open The Door, Richard

Geraldo & His Orchestra - Anniversary

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Unknown said...

Hi There,

I'm surprised you could not find much about Geraldo on the web !

Googling "Geraldo bandleader" yields quite a few links

Try this :

Wastedpapiers said...

I found a few links to shops selling his CD's but no biography as such. Thanks for this ozzy. I will check it out and put a link in the main blog.

Unknown said...

You're welcome glad to help.

You are right though, both of the tracks are pretty dire.

I haven't heard too much of his stuff and always imagined he was pretty good as he was definitely one of the well known big band leaders.

Wastedpapiers said...

I don't think even cleaning up the tracks to get rid of the pops and crackles would help much in this case. I was in two minds whether to upload them but somebody out there might like this stuff! I have an LP of Geraldo somewhere which is also very dull I seem to remember. Give me Jack Hylton and Ambrose etc. anytime!