Saturday, November 08, 2008

Manuel Marios

Not sure where this oddity came from. A holiday in the Algarve perhaps and languished in some attic for a couple of decades. I found it at a local boot sale a couple of years ago I think. I wasn't going to upload it but it seems churlish not to. I was attracted to the daft sleeve photos I must admit and the songs are a little MOR but a couple have a nice accordion/novelty slant. I could not find anything about Manuel on the interent though he does seem to be a popular star in Potugal and even has his own website that I find rather confusing. Maybe if I knew Portuguese it would help! Maybe he is the Russ Abbott of Lisbon?

Manuel Marios - Ricaco

Manuel Marios - Novo Fado Do Ze Povo

Manuel Marios - Familia Da Marilia

Manuel Marios - Janelas Do Porto

Manuel Marios - A Moda Mini

Manuel Marios - Turista De Garrafao

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