Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cocky - (Re-Up)

Found this little gem in a charity shop some time ago for a couple of quid. Recorded in 1976 on the little known Red Rag Recordings label based in Teddington in Middlesex. It has the unfortunate title of "Twelve Inches Of Cocky" and you can imagine the kind of websites that appeared when trying to track info. down on this band! Needless to say I didnt find out anything atall and so will have to use what little there is on the sleeve notes.
It says -" All songs played by the members of Cocky apart from Harmonica Henry who bribed us to play harp on Maggie Campbell, and Stan Arnold who didn't bribe us (tight sod!) to do a duck call on Jollity Farm.
Recorded at Riverside Studios with the help of David Le-Neve Foster. Produced by Dave "Hot Licks" Peabody.
Luncheon vouchers and cold coffee supplied by Stan Arnold. Pains in the arse caused and treated by Alan Robinson. Sleeve design by Mike "Toulouse" Walsh. Sleeve snapshots by Brownie 127 Studios - director D. Peabody."

It has been signed by all members of the band in lovely blue biro.

Cocky - Jollity Farm

Cocky - Dallas Rag

Cocky - Supper At The Ritz

Cocky - Draft Dodger Rag

Cocky - Maggie Campbell

Cocky - Somebody Stole My Wife

Cocky - Sheik Of Araby

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Claytonian said...

I think it would be bettter if you used a different site to host files and/or zipped all the files together.

If you really want to do individual files, may I suggest a service like ?

The Cheese Knees said...

Some good things here. I must admit I haven't heard of 'Cocky' and I was very much around when the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band/New Vaudeville Band/Dedicated Men's Jug Band etc. all hit their peak in the sixties.
To be in The Tiger's Head, Catford on a Thursday night watching the Bonzo's before they hit the big time was an experience not to be missed.
This lot seemed to have slipped under my radar. Pity about the straight copy of the Bonzo's Jollity Farm version but overall, amusing stuff.

By the way, the method of hosting the files is fine by me.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thank you o cheesy one. Much appreciate the positive feedback.
I wish I found more stuff like this on my travels but sadly the charity shops seem to be full of Mrs. Mills and Mantovani at the moment!

Claytonian said...

blatantly ignored :(

Wastedpapiers said...

Sorry claytonian , I didnt mean to be rude but i get a bit fed up with comments that whinge about file sizes and how I dont upload the whole LP and ignore the music altogther. The fact is I am happt with using Send Space and most other folk, like cheese knees, are happy too.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I stumbled upon this thx

Anonymous said...

Is this cocky lp the whole album , would be interesting to know . If you like old country and other old rarieties and such here is a friend of mine blog -- ---- ,you keep uploading files the way you like , I do it the same way but with mediafire as the files never seem to disappear

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Jazzme. Nice to get a bit of support. Yes, the Cocky LP is fourteen tracks in all - this is just one side. maybe do the other sometime so watch this space.

Thanks for the nice link.

Unknown said...

I really wish you would post the other side this . Finally listened to this , I am almost thinking this is Eric Idle singing in this band . This is just fantastic . Please do post side 2 .

Wastedpapiers said...

Will see what i can do.