Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tom Foy

A scratchy 78 from the dusty recesses of a bedroom cupboard. Bought at a charity shop or boot sale - I forget which. Monologue and comic patter from the music hall days. "Music Hall Performer. Born in Manchester, England he served an apprenticeship as a sign painter. Apparently bored, he joined a traveling circus as a scenery artist and clown. He made his first music hall appearance as a lightning cartoonist. His music hall career progressed to comedian to song and dance man. He was famous for his sketches 'Tom Foy and his Donkey' which included a live donkey, and the pantomime 'Idle Jack,' as well as Yorkshire dialect comedy, for which he became known as 'The Yorkshire Lad' despite his origins. He recorded about forty music hall staples on several record labels during his career. He collapsed on stage at Argyle, Birkenhead, England in July 1917. He died two weeks later at the age of 38." Tom Foy - Much Obliged To Me. Tom Foy - In Trouble Again

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