Sunday, September 02, 2012

Savoy Havana Band/ Columbia Novelty Orch.

Another from the 78 pile which I don't think I've uploaded before.Delightful novelty song from the days of the music hall. Two different bands for the price of one! Wikipedia says - "The Savoy Havana Band was a British dance band of the 1920s. It was resident at the Savoy Hotel, London, between 1921 and 1927. The band was formed by the American saxophonist Bert Ralton in 1921. Originally there were six players including Ralton. It was later increased to ten players. From 1924 it was led by the English violinist Reginald Batten. Both the Savoy Havana Band and their colleagues the Savoy Orpheans were under the management of Wilfred de Mornys. Among the players was a young American saxophonist, Rudy Vallee, whose attempts to become a vocalist were discouraged by his fellow-players. Another member of the ensemble was the pianist Billy Mayerl. The owner of the Savoy Hotel, Rupert D'Oyly Carte, called the original Savoy Havana Band and the Savoy Orpheans "probably the best-known bands in Europe."[2] When de Morny's contractual arrangement with the Savoy Hotel company ended on 31 December 1927, the band went on tour, and disbanded in 1930." Columbia Novelty Orch. - The Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn't Whistle. Savoy Havana Band - Why Did I Kiss That Girl?

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