Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Songs For A Singin' Party

At first glance one would think from the sleeve that Jack Jackson would be singing or DJ'ing on this Heinz promotional EP from the 60's but he's just on the sleeve to endorse the record which is a pretty MOR come trad jazz with cringey vocal group who sound a bit like the Mike Sammes Singers. The trombonist sounds a bit like George Chisholm? I will try and glean more on the internet but don't hold out much hope.

Wikipedia says of Jack Jackson -

"He was born in Barnsley, the son of a brass band player and conductor, and began playing cornet at the age of 11 before playing violin and cello in dance bands.He learnt to play trumpet and worked in swing bands in circuses, revues, ballrooms and ocean liners before joining Jack Hylton's band in 1927. He left Hylton in 1929, freelanced for a while, and then joined Jack Payne's band in 1931. He left Payne to form his own band in 1933. By 1939, the band was resident at the Dorchester Hotel in London, and had a regular radio show on Radio Luxembourg.

After the war he decided not to reform his band, and turned to compering on the BBC Light Programme in such shows as "Record Roundabout", which ran from 1948 to 1977. His methods of presentation included punctuating records with surreal comedy clips, and using quick cutting of pre-recorded tapes to humorous effect. This was a major influence on later British DJs such as Kenny Everett and Noel Edmonds. He also had a chat show on TV in 1955.

He emigrated to Tenerife in 1962, sending his taped programmes by air to the BBC each week. Suffering from a bronchial illness, he returned to England to live in 1973, and died at Rickmansworth in 1978.

He is remembered as a member of the UK Radio Academy's Hall of Fame."

Songs For Aingin' Party - Side One

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