Sunday, August 28, 2011

Charlie Gillett - Fred Zindi

A while since I uploaded any old Charlie Gillett radio shows so here's two from the 80's and early 90's. The first with guest Fred Zindi about the music scene in Zimbabwe featuring The Real Sounds, Thomas Mapfumo, Lovemore Majavano etc. and the second a truncated Foreign Affair with no guest but the usual eclectic mix of music from all over the world.

The Zimbabwe Herald said -

"Fred Zindi's Music Guide for Zimbabwe is an easy to read book that takes its reader down memory lane by acknowledging the development of music within a historical context.

It traces the evolution of music as personified by the outstanding talents of some music celebrities whose illustrious careers have shaped western, Jazz, Caribbean and Zimbabwean music.

The book targets music teachers, music promoters, sociologists, radio broadcasters; music students; musicians; music researchers; cultural activists and politicians. Zindi's book also acknowledges the music industry as a business dictated by certain regulated norms bordering on issues to do with copyright, royalties; understanding publishing contracts; licensing and music promotion."

Charlie Gillett - Fred Zindi Side One

Charlie Gillett - Fred Zindi Side Two

Charlie Gillett - Foreign Affair 39

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