Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baba Brooks/ Owen and Leon Silvera

A single from the dusty ska and reggae box. This one on the Ska Beat label from 1965. I presume the "A" side is by Owen & Leon Silvera who are new to me. The "B" side by Baba Brooks with Don Drummond on the trombone.

Wikipedia says -

"Oswald "Baba" Brooks aka Baba Leslie (born c.1935) was a trumpet player who played jazz in the 1950s with the Eric Dean orchestra and recorded during the 1960s original Jamaican ska era for producers Duke Reid, Sonia Pottinger and her husband Lindon, King Edwards, and Prince Buster.

Brooks was born in Kingston, Jamaica c.1935. He played trumpet on recording sessions from the late 1950s onwards, often uncredited, and formed his own band in the early 1960s, having a hit in 1962 with "Independence Ska", which celebrated Jamaica's break from colonialism. he also performed on several sessions with The Skatalites. He had further hits in 1964 with "Bus Strike" and "Musical Workshop".The band followed this in 1965 with "Guns Fever", recorded at Studio One. Brooks and his band continued to play on recording sessions until the early 1970s."

Owen & Leon Silvera - Woman

Baba Brooks - Dr. Decker


Cuckooland said...

Wow what a tune ! Some other real cracking Jamaican tunes here as well. Many thanks and please post more !

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for encouragement . I certainly will post some more ska and reggae soon.