Sunday, August 07, 2011

Marcia Griffiths/Soul Brothers

Another ska single from the archives On the Rio label from the late 60's. The "A" side has a vocal by Marcia Griffiths and the "B" is an instrumental by the Soul Bros.

" The Soul Brothers bridged the gap between Ska and the arrival of Rocksteady mixing it all up with Funk, Jazz and Latin styles. The Soul Brothers recorded at Studio One between 1965-1967. This was the transitionary period between Ska and Rocksteady where the music was a mixture of Funk, Latin and Jazz sometimes with a reminder of Ska and the hint of Rocksteady. The previous era of Ska had been dominated by the Skatalites."

Read more about Marcia Griffiths HERE.

Marcia Griffiths - Mr. Everything

Sould Bros. - T.N.T.


Anonymous said...

The soul brothers were for the large part the members of the Skatalites sans Tommy McCook but including Nearlyn Taitt, their music was dominantly ska-jazz combined with 60's Trinidadian calypso as being played by The Dutchie Brothers, Clarance Curvan and Joey Lewis. Nearlyn Taitt was a part of that musical subculture before he came to Jamaica and changed Jamaican music in that image. The years between '65 and '67 were that of large artistic freedom and the forming of Rocksteady by Nearlyn Taitt, Cecil Bustamente Campbell and Lee Perry in 1966 during the haydays of The Baba Brooks Band were no coincidence.


wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for your input Skadam - much appreciated.