Sunday, August 14, 2011

G.H. Elliot

Another hissy 78 from the 20's or perhaps even earlier. This disc is a mini 78 - only 8 inches across. I have featured G.H. Elliot before and happy to do so again despite the rather politically uncorrect nick name he used.

Wikipedia says -

"G. H. Elliott (1882–1962) was a British music hall singer and dancer. He was born George Henry Elliott in Rochdale, Lancashire in 1882. Known as the "Chocolate Coloured Coon", he came on stage with a painted black face but dressed entirely in white. He had a white top hat, a white tail-coat which came down well below the knees, white gloves, white tie or cravat, white trousers, white shoes and a white cane.

He and his family emigrated to the United States when he was four. There he played juvenile parts on stage including the title role in Little Lord Fauntleroy. He was a member of the Primrose West Minstrels at the age of nine where he first blacked up.

The family returned to England in 1901 where he continued to perform on the music hall stage. After a number of years treading the boards he rose to top of the bill. He was influenced by Eugene Stratton who also used to black up and he sang some of Stratton’s songs particularly Lily of Laguna which he sang in tribute to his hero. Among the songs particularly associated with him are Idaho, I Used To Sigh For The Silvery Moon and Sue, Sue, Sue.

He appeared in two films Music Hall (1934) and Those Were the Days (1934 film) and in This is Your Life as Himself in 1957.

He appeared in two Royal Variety Performances, in 1925 and 1948. He made over 100 records, his first on a wax cylinder and his last in 1960.

He was married twice, first to Emily Hayes who died in 1940 and then to Florence May Street, known as June. She had been an acrobat in acts as various as the Martinez Troupe/Duo and Sereno (Harry Sereno) and June.

G. H. Elliott retired to Rottingdean, Brighton where he lived in a cottage he named Silvery Moon after his song I Used to Sigh for the Silvery Moon. He is buried in the churchyard of St Margaret's Church, Rottingdean[3] and his gravestone shows a stage with curtains drawn back. It bears the words: "The last curtain call for G H Elliott The Chocolate Coloured Coon who passed peacefully away 19 November 1962. Dearly loved R.I.P."

G.H.Elliot - So Long As The Sun Keeps Shining

G.H.Elliot - I'm Going Back Again To Old Nebraska


phil said...

Never mind the spam.

This disc dates from the early electric era ("Electrically Recorded" on the sleeve) so late 1920s. There were several rival English companies producing budget-priced 8-inch records at this time.

wastedpapiers said...

I got rid of the spam. Cheers Phil. Not sure if the sleeve goes with this record but they look pretty good together. Thanks for the info. - much appreciated.