Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spike Island

I've had this LP on the cut price Avenue label for a few years now and surprised I haven't featured it before here as it's quite rare. Recorded in 1971 by a country and western band which included Dave Peacock (later to be one half of Chas 'N' Dave ).
Not much to be found onthe web about Spike Island but here's a brief biog from the Chas 'N" Dave official website which doesn't mention Spike Island either!

"Pianist Chas Hodges and guitarist Dave Peacock were widely experienced around the British rock scene of the 1960s and early 70s before teaming up with drummer Mick Burt (another much-travelled musician who had gone back to his original trade as a plumber) to form the group. Chas had worked with the legendary producer Joe Meek, backed Jerry Lee Lewis, played with Mike Berry and the Outlaws, along with Ritchie Blackmore, and also the highly respected Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, which had Burt on drums. He then joined Albert Lee’s cult band Heads Hands and Feet before playing with Dave and Albert in Black Claw. Dave had been equally active, Starting out in The Rolling Stones (no, not them!) in 1960. Spells with The Tumbleweeds, Mick Greenwood, Jerry Donaghue, and the above mentioned Black Claw followed prior to the pair coming together to go out on their own as Chas & Dave."

Discover more about Chas "N" Dave HERE.

Spike Island - Making My Way Back To Louisiana

Spike Island - Teach Me To Forget

Spike Island - Jambalaya

Spike Island - Too Far Gone

Spike Island - Banjo Pickin' Man

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Anonymous said...

i bought this album in a junk shop in town road in edmonton ( in the 1980s)only because it featured dave peacock. half an hour later i walked into woolworths in edmonton green with it under my arm and held the door open for the man behind me who turned and said " bloody good album that mate". after a few seconds i realised it was chas... i got home couldn't wait to play it but it wasn't my sort of music and still sits in my collection neglected.also while i was studying some local history i found that spike island was an old name of an island on the river lea near ponders end and always wondered if there was a conection to the album
thanks for reading

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for that little anecdote andy. Yes, it's not a bloody good album by any stretch of the imagination but certainly worth the quid or whatever it was i paid for it.
You learn something every day!

Anonymous said...

HEllo FRom FRance ! (Sorry for my poor English !) I discover this blog this day & I Never Hear this Band & I'm very interesting to discover that ! the link was dead :-((( Please, can you repost the links again ? Thanks a lot -Enrique De Los Campos

wastedpapiers said...

Maybe soon if i can find it! Thanks for the interest Enrique.

Anonymous said...

Tanx man ! I Wait :-) Enrique

Jason Odd said...

This was actually recorded in 1969 by the Tumbleweeds, why it was issued in 1971 under the Spike Island name is a mystery to all concerned.

The Tumbleweeds re-cut the opening track "Making My Way Back to Louisiana" for the UK based Phoenix label in 1970, although I have no idea who the guitar player was by that time as Roger Dean left to replace Alert Lee in Country Fever. His replacement Jerry Donahue was only with the Tumbleweeds for a couple of months before he left to form Fotheringay.


Jason Odd

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Jason. Still a bit of a mystery but interesting to hear your comments - much appreciated!