Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bend It 91

A strange compilation from the 90's -full of odd football inspired songs and audio snippets. I think also the Exotica label produced several of these over the years and also dabbled in Beatles covers. There is a list of artists who appear on the CD which includes Brian Glover, Geoffrey Boycott, Michael Palin, Sophia Loren, Bruce Forsyth and Michael Caine. I must admit I listened through it a couple of times but never heard any of them!

Exotica Records also plans compilations of the worst songs ever and another about Manchester United.

Unknown - Tip Top Tottenham Hotspur

Unknown - Futbol Argentino

Rainbow Choir - Roger Milla Is My No.9 Dream

Edmundo Ros - Footbal Calypso 1953

3-00 Exponia - Panathinaikos

Louis Philippe - Eusebio Chansons

Mr. Martini - Gascoigne Please

Jimmy Greaves - Strollin' ( Karaoke )

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Unknown said...

could you put this on again so i can download the songs?