Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arthur Askey

"Arthur Bowden Askey was born in Liverpool in 1900. He was very small at 5' 2" (1.6m) and wore distinctive horn rimmed glasses, with a breezy, smiling personality. He served in the forces in World War I and performed in army entertainments. His career began in the music halls, but he rose to stardom in 1938 through his role in the first radio sitcom, Bandwagon on BBC, prior to which radio comedy had consisted of broadcast standup routines. It had begun as a variety show, but had been unsuccessful until Askey and his partner, Richard Murdoch, took on a larger role in the writing. Askey's humour owed much to the playfulness of the characters he portrayed, his improvising and his use of catchphrases, as parodied by the Arthur Atkinson character in The Fast Show.
His catchphrases included "Hello playmates!" "I thank you" (pronounced "Ay-Thang-Yew") and "Move along the bus please."
During World War II, Askey starred in several Gainsborough Pictures comedy films, notably The Ghost Train (1941), "Charlie's Aunt," "I Thank You," "Back Room Boy," "King Arthur Was A Gentleman," "Miss London Ltd.," and "Bees in Paradise." When television arrived, he made the transition well, his first TV series was "Before Your Very Eyes!" (1952) named after another of his catchphrases. In 1957 writers Sid Colin and Talbot Rothwell revived the Bandwagon format for Living It Up, a series that reunited Askey and Murdoch after an absence of 18 years. He also made many stage appearances as a pantomime dame."

This LP on the budget Music For Pleasure label came out in the 60's I think though there is no date on it anywhere. It's mostly songs about animals and birds and one about a pixie.

Arthur Askey - The Death Watch Beetle

Arthur Askey - The Baa Lamb

Arthur Askey - The Frog

Arthur Askey - The Bunny Rabbit

Arthur Askey - The Flu-Germ


Tor Hershman said...

You have a most interesting blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Hope Muntz said...

Of all the music blogs, this is one of the most wonderful, especially because I love old British novelty music so much. But it's also the most-breaking, because by the time I found it almost all your old links were dead. Is there any way you could restore the links to Charlie Drake, Temperance Seven (old and new), and anything by Kenneth Williams (I did snag the 'green nadgers')? Please? Pretty please? ;)

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks tor and hope ( sounds like a comedy double act!).Your positive comments are much appreciated.

Happy to re-new some links if I find time. Watch this space.

Hope Muntz said...

Thanks in advance--I will!!

Deanna said...

Thanks so much! I wish I could hear the rest!