Sunday, November 12, 2006

Felix Mendelssohn

No vinyl today but this cassette from the 80's. A re-issue of some tracks from the 40's by Felix Mendelssohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders. Sadly very little on the internet about Felix and his Serenaders but he was British and caught the Hawaiian bug in the 30's and although not a musician himself managed to gather some accomplished musicians around him and spread the music of the South pacific around wartime Britain. His lavish stage shows had "hula" dancers and the band dressed appropriately in grass skirts and flower garlands travelled around until the early 50's.

Rare piece of film of Felix and the Serenaders from a daft British Film .

Felix Mendelssohn - The Hula Blues

Felix Mendelssohn - Hawaiian War Chant

Felix Mendelssohn - Yakka Hula Hickey Dula

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