Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Yetties

"Contrary to a popularly held theory, The Yetties did not get their name because of their fancied resemblance to the fabled hairy Himalayan monsters - although, come to think of it, looking at those 1970s photos, I can see how this misunderstanding might have occurred! But they got their name because they hail from the Dorset village of Yetminster, near Yeovil and Sherborne.

Formed way back the early 1960s, the band's original members were Bonny Sartin, Pete Shutler, Mac McCulloch and Bob Common. The line-up remained unchanged until 1979, when Bob left. The remaining trio has continued to perform right up to the present day. Over the years they have toured the world and recorded a large number of albums. Apart from their own compositions, the band has built up a huge repertoire of music of many types from diverse sources, including folk songs, dance music and popular songs from England, Scotland, Ireland, the US and other countries."

I found two Yetties albums in the Salvation Army charity shop in town the other day for a pound each. One is actually signed by the band thus doubling it's price straight away! Seriously though, despite not being a great "Scrumpy & Western" fan I do seem to gravitate towards these records mainly because of the two or three novelty songs they usually contain. On this album from 1976 on the Decca label called "The Village Band" they are joined by the Sherbourne Town Band who appear on several of their other LP's and the songs range from traditional pub songs to old engliosh folk songs and even "Cigareetes and Whusky and Wild, Wild Women".

Find out more about The Yetties by going HERE.

The Yetties - The Barley Mow

The Yetties - Costa Del Dorset

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Cocaine Jesus said...

blimey. i turn away for a second and suddenly dozen of bloody posts appear at this excellent site.
the yetties.
oddballs from the sticks who w all secretly thought were rather silly but awfully good fun!

michael said...

Probably a lot more fun if you are in the pub down in Devon quaffing big pint pots of cider!
I try to uplaod soemthing everyday but I missed a couple of days so was trying to catch up!

Big Al said...

I downloaded these last week and travelled between two places of work in the office minibus, it was me and the driver (10 journeys last week, so I was with him for 5 hours), I digress, we got talking, he was a big Elvis fan and is learning guitar, but he asked me if I liked the Yetties, I'm not sure if he believed me when I said I liked them as a child on TV but that I had listened to two tracks the day before.