Thursday, October 27, 2005

'Owdham' Edge

A great LP on Topic that I found in my local branch of Oxfam for £2.99. Oxfam is notorious for charging high prices for their records as they have "experts" who go through "Record Collector" lists and quote the highest valuation possible, despite the record's condition. I was happy to pay this though as the disc was in perfect condition and has some wonderful old songs by a variety of artists from Lancashire. The Oldham Tinkers in particular are favourites of mine - having seen them play live at Northwich Memorial Hall a few years back. Bernard Wrigley was also on the bill that night and was very funny - his patter taking up most of his performance with just a few songs sprinkled in between. To see him wrestling with a bass concertina is something I shall never forget!
Heres what it says on the Lp sleeve-

"From the start of the post-war folk song revival , particular regions of England were at the forefront because of their abundance of material and the number of singers who were determined to revive and popularise their local songs and stories. Apart from the folk songs by their strictest definition, urban industrial songs and localised music-hall songs, were all absorbed into the repertories of the mainly young revival singers."

Bernard Wrigley - Our Bill

The Oldham Tinkers - 'Owdham' Edge

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Cocaine Jesus said...

The picture makes me think of Blakes 'Jerusalam' with all those mills.
The odd name, 'Owdham Edge' would sit well in my Fekenham Swarberry tales.
Excellent post.

michael said...

Thanks CJ. Just heard that Boot Sale Sounds has got a mention in WIRED magazine in the states. (I dont think they have it over here? only that jazz mag?) Havent noticed any big influx of comments though! maybe nobody reads it?
I should have attached one of them web counters, but find them a bit distracting.

Cocaine Jesus said...

I tried to add a web counter but apparently some of my stuff is of an 'adult nature' and they wouldn't allow it. Good idea though.