Monday, October 10, 2005

Mickey Katz

Another of those record labels that jump right out at you when you are sifting through piles of Mantovani, Mrs.Mills and Madonna records. Thankfully the songs are as weird and wonderful as the sleeve photo!
Here's what it says on the sleeve blurb-

"The difference between being slipped a Mickey Finn and a Mickey Katz is that you get knocked out in different ways. And in the latter case you keep coming back for more. Well, here's that more: a long playing, high fidelity "mitzeah."
Mickey's approach to a song is simple. He grabs the nation's favourites and gives them the stamp of his unique and abundant wit. The poor unsuspecting tune suddenly finds itself with more twists than a barrel of pretzels and more spice than a plate of pastrami. The famous doggie in the window turns out to be a pickle. It's no longer stars you shouldn't let get in your eyes, it's "schmaltz". And the wheel of fortune , alas, is nothing more than a "schlemiel".
Mickey was a musician before he was a comedian, and he played with several of the country's best bands before winning fame as the top dialectitian in Spike Jones' outfit. Now for his records and shows he hires the finest studio musicians in Hollywood, determined that his material shall not only be funny but musically solid."

For more about Mickey Katz and other great music go HERE.

Mickey Katz - The Pickle In The Window

Mickey Katz - Don't let The Schmaltz Get In Your Eyes

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Russell CJ Duffy said...

Fascinating. Never heard of this bloke before but he sounds as mad as a bag of frogs.

Wastedpapiers said...

Well he did play with the Spike Jones band so that might explain it!
Thanks for the CDs that turned up today CJ. Much appreciated. I shall have a longer listen to them and let you know what i think soon.

la peregrina said...

Been enjoying your blog for about a month now. Wanted to add a couple of facts about Mr. Katz. First, he is the father of actor Joel Grey who won a Tony for his role as the Emcee in 'Cabaret' on Broadway and an Oscar for his role as the Emcee in the movie version. Second, he is also the grandfather of actor Jennifer Grey who starred in the movie "Dirty Dancing." Small world, isn't it?

Wastedpapiers said...

Thnaks for the extra info. la peregrina. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

HP said...

My favorite Mickey Katz story: After Hollywood came out with "The Benny Goodman Story" starring Steve Allen as Benny Goodman, Katz started touring the country as "the Jewish Benny Goodman."

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Howard. I can imagine him saying it too!