Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orchestra Chepin

Another Cheshire Street find I think from the 80's. No date on this Siboney label LP from Cuba but imagine its early 80's or maybe even the 70's.
Very little gleaned about Orchestra Chepin only this bad Google translation -

"La Orquesta Chepin-Choven sesentenaria arises l932 June 24 in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Has been to elect directors Horruitinier Rosell (Chepn) and Bernardo Chaovn (Choven), Orestes and currently Choven desempea Garbey Jos Ramon Hernandez. Agrupacin is a dedicated to the development and dissemination of popular dance music Cuabana.

It has a band jazz orchestral format.

An important moment in the history of this versartil agrupacin he has sown points to be followed by other musical and dance are 14, what is its presentation in the ler reorganizaciny. Disc Festival in the eastern provinces (l971)

Its repertoire is composed of various genres of music and cultivated mainly bolero, Creole, guaracha, son, danzn, Son Montuno and rhythm chepinsn.

Major activities involved include:

The ler. Disc Festival in the eastern provinces, the Creator Musical Festival "Benny More" World Festival of Youth and Students Festival Danzn, Matanzas, Festival del Son "Miguel Matamoros, Guatnamo, Festival of the Arts Caribbean, ler. Chepn in Memoriam, Morn, EGREM Prize, International Festival "Matamoros Son/94" to quote."

Orchetra Chepin - De Nuevo Con Chepin

Orchetra Chepin - El Son De Nicaragua

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