Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jerry Colonna

Slim pickings at the boot sale this week so back into the archives I go for these tracks by Jerry Colonna who I think I featured once before.

"Jerry was born Gerardo Colonna in Boston on September 17, 1904, of Italian immigrant parents. As a little boy he admired his grandfather's enormous moustache ("You could see it from the back!") so much that he often painted one on his upper lip with axle grease. As soon as he could manage it, he grew a "baffi" of his own. Jerry was extremely gifted musically, and he loved jazz, beginning as a drummer then finding his metier in the trombone."

Discover more about Jerry Colonna HERE.

Jerry Colonna - Balling The Jack

Jerry Colonna - Big Fat Minnie

Jerry Colonna - I Like, You Like

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lucidlupin said...

Jerry Colonna looks very 'Dali'. Ta for the tunes yet again... The title 'I Like You Like' reminded me of that silly song in 'The Man with Two Brains'... that goes 'I like-a you and you like-a me" etc. (know it?) - that set me wondering... I discovered the song's actually called 'Under the Bamboo Tree' and then found this wonderful page which has an instrumental version... I'm rambling! byeee! ;)

michael said...

The Man With Two Brains is one of my favourite Steve Martin films- ofcourse I remember it. It does bare a close resemblence I must admit. Thanks for the ramble lucidlupin and thanks for the link.