Thursday, May 18, 2006


Found this little gem ina charity shop this morning for a couple of quid. Recorded in 1976 on the little known Red Rag Recordings label based in Teddington in Middlesex. It has the unfortunate title of "Twelve Inches Of Cocky" and you can imagine the kind of websites that appeared when trying to track info. down on this band! Needless to say I didnt find out anything atall and so will have to use what little there is on the sleeve notes.
It says -" All songs played by the members of Cocky apart from Harmonica Henry who bribed us to play harp on Maggie Campbell, and Stan Arnold who didn't bribe us (tight sod!) to do a duck call on Jollity Farm.
Recorded at Riverside Studios with the help of David Le-Neve Foster. Produced by Dave "Hot Licks" Peabody.
Luncheon vouchers and cold coffee supplied by Stan Arnold. Pains in the arse caused and treated by Alan Robinson. Sleeve design by Mike "Toulouse" Walsh. Sleeve snapshots by Brownie 127 Studios - director D. Peabody."

It has been signed by all members of the band in lovely blue biro.

Cocky 2

Cocky - Jollity Farm

Cocky - Cocaine Habit

Cocky - Draft Dodger Rag

Cocky - Medley a la Cocky

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Russell CJ Duffy said...

"Twelve Inches of Cocky"??
Hmmm, thank god I didn't ask my Mum to buy it for me for Christmas then!

Paul Moore said...

RE Cocky... Michael we had them at the Odyssey Folk Club that i ran with Roger Pugh + in around 75' a very entertaining Live band 12 inches of Cocky if i recall the name right of the LP . once had a copy of that LP but it was nicked in one of my many Flatsi lived incannot recall if the LP was as good as there live show i doubt it some how. .... would love to hear that LP again. well done a good bit of "nishing" Regards Paul.

Wastedpapiers said...

Yes, i was expecting "rugby songs" but delighted that they kept the risque songs to a minimum. They sound like they were great fun live Paul- It's hard to recreate that atmostphere in the studio and the jokes sound a bit forced at times. Did they make any other records? I asked the knowledgable Jim Benson and he seemed to think this was their only one.

sylviasometimes said...

Just great fun listening, Michael...did no hear anything risque at all...or if I did, I did not know it! lol
amazing how the recording sounds have changed...for voices. The instruments somehow sound the same.
Fun one, Michael.

Wastedpapiers said...

I left the risque songs off this time Syl. They are very mild innuendo really , nothing smutty as the title suggests. Ruder songs on the Benny Hill show. I don't know why they choose such a terrible title really as it really limits their chance of any radio play back then. I can't imagine they got many plays anyway.

Phuquit said...

Aaaaagh. I used to have this album and I've been trying to find it again at car boots and charity shops for the last few years. Now I found this where some of the track have download........ TOO LATE. The downloads have expired. Any chance of posting them again?

Anonymous said...

The track Jollity farm is of the Bonzo dog doo dah Bands album Gorillas.

Anonymous said...

I second the request for a repost of the downloads. Please!?

Wastedpapiers said...

A re-post is on the cards- keep an eye on the blog. Thanks for your interest.