Monday, May 21, 2012

The Midnight Minstrels

The last of the 78's from the suitcase you'll be pleased to know! One side is too scratched to play really. This one is another little known outfit but a detective on DailyMotion says - "This appears to be a Stan Greening pseudonym. Like many of the bandleaders who directed music purely for recording, Stan Greening (✩Kensington, UK 1888 - ✛Clapham, UK 1971) is hardly known today. He studied piano and composition at the Royal Academy of Music, and worked as a classical musician before WWI. In 1924 he started recording for the Crystalate Company for their Imperial and Mimosa labels, a position he maintained until the early 30s. Around the same time, he worked for Parlophone and is likely to have organised the sessions issued as by The Marlborough Dance Orchestra. At the start of 1925, he began working for Columbia, providing studio dance bands and accompaniments for the Columbia and Regal labels. Greening's recordings were issued on Regal as Corona Dance Orchestra. Other record companies which made use of his services were HMV, Brunswick and Duophone." Midnight Minstrels - Tip Toe Through The Tulips.

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