Monday, May 28, 2012

Maitre Gazonga

Wonderful LP of soukous from central Africa. Recorded in Paris on the Tangent label in the 80's. Wikipedia says - "Born in 1948 in Chad and died on 1 st April 2006 in N'Djamena , Master Gazonga whose real name is Saleh Ahmat Rougalta is undoubtedly singer Chad best known through his country. He is also in Africa after MC Solaar Barely reaching his twenties, Saleh Ahmat had to discover his love for music. He entered the group International Chalal he was a founding member. He recorded his first album Golden Africa in Abidjan in 1984 . He skirted other singers like Manu Dibango , Tiken Jah Fakoly , etc.. Saleh Ahmat just felt a headache that worsened thereafter. He was transported to the "Pavilion of urgency" of the Hopital General de Reference National (HGRN) Capital ndjamenoise . The Master's death coincides with the date of April Fools (1 st April), which is why most of his fans did not believe the news of his death. Gazonga master and his group Chalal had found a way to tour around the Chad while being properly paid a . Gazonga knowing that in rural areas people are often poor, have no money but still want to have fun, the group gave concerts for several months in all regions of Chad, where villagers could pay with that 'they had: the sorghum , the rice , the dried fish , and chicken , the beans ... And the concerts were very successful as well. And while the band went from village to village, two trucks were making round trips to the capital N'Djamena , to sell at the market recovered some of the goods, the other being given directly to the families of musicians. The money collected was able to pay salaries and the profits they could repeat the rest of the year and record some new songs." Tracks are as follows - !. Les Jaloux Saboteurs 2. Koysse Maitre Gazonga - Side One

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