Monday, May 14, 2012

Harry Bidgood

More from the ubiquitous Harry Bidgood who also went under several pseudonyms including Ciro's Club Band and Primo Scala's Accordion Band. "Harry Bidgood was born in London in 1898, receiving early musical education from his father prior to attending the Royal College of Music. He commenced his professional career just after the First World War as pianist with De Groot at the Piccadilly Hotel, London. In 1926 he started directing recording sessions for Vocalion, which, in 1928, began to issue the famous 8-inch Broadcast records. Harry directed a 'house band' for these records, known as Harry Bidgood and his Broadcasters. Other studio bands under his direction included: The New York Nightbirds, Ciro's Club Band, The Manhattan Melody Makers, Al Benny's Broadway Boys, The Riverside Dance Band and Nat Lewis and his Dance Band. When accordion bands started to become popular in the early thirties, Harry Bidgood saw the potential and formed a band for Eclipse called Don Porto's Novelty Accordion Band. He also recorded (in 1935) as Rossini's Accordion Band for the Crown label, which sold in Woolworth's stores. It was under the alias of Primo Scala and his Accordion Band, however, that he was destined to become most famous." Bidgood's Broadcasters - All By Yourself In The Moonlight. Bidgood's Broadcasters - I Think Of What You Used To Think Of Me

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