Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kempion/ The Farriers

Two bands on this LP on the Broadside label ( 1976) I found today at a boot sale. Singing songs about the Birmingham canals. Nice English folk tradition which reminds me of The Incredible String Band, Martin Carthy etc. Couldnt find much about the Farriers but this was the line up of Kempion back then- "DAVID OXLEY was born in the West Midlands. He plays fiddle, bouzouki and mandolin. David is classically trained MARK WALLIS is from Somerset. He plays guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and tenor banjo. Mark does session work, often in conjunction with David, for L.P. records and BBC radio. DUNCAN HUDSON is a Scotsman from Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. He plays the tin whistle and the flute, on both of which he is self taught. A true folk musician. MORRIS McPHIILLIPS is the group's vocalist. His raw, powerful voice is one of the few that can cut through the lively sound of an instrumental group in full flight. Morris also plays the bodhran, or celtic drum, and the Appalachian dulcimer. " Tracks are as follows - I Can't Find Brummagem, The New navigation, Tom King, A New Song For The Opening Of The Birmingham and Liverpool Railway, Norton New Bell Wake, Birmingham On Sea, Birmingham Jack Of All Trades. Farriers/Kempion - Side One

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